Pilates Classes / Prices

Whether you are a Pilates devotee, a fitness fanatic or a complete beginner we can help you achieve your goals. 

If you can’t find the class you’re looking for please enquire.

Individual Training in studio

Our most popular way clients undertake or return to their Pilates journey is through one on one classes. One on one training allows for you to take things at your own speed and work to your own level and goals. Individual sessions also mean we can make any modifications to your workout making your movement more efficient. 

$75 / 60 minutes

$65 / 45 minutes

Mat class: One on One online

Enjoy a Pilates mat class right from the comfort of your own home. Mat classes will be based on the traditional Pilates mat repertoire which offers a complete body workout. Of course, these can be tailored to meet your exact goals and we will always go at your own speed.

These will be done online through a platform such as Zoom. You do not need any Pilates experience or equipment just a mat or towel to lie on and a good internet connection!

$65/45 minutes


If you have a friend or partner that you would like to work out with this is the perfect class for the both of you.

$80 / 60 minutes


This is a structured session designed to improve flexibility and promote muscle and joint range of movement in a safe and inclusive manner. This class will accommodate individuals of different fitness levels, ranging from beginners to advanced "stretchers" and caters to people of all age groups. There are plenty of props and modifications offered as you work towards your goals. 

Stretching can help alleviate muscle tightness, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance athletic performance. Additionally, stretching can also promote relaxation, relieve stress, and improve posture.

This class will finish with working through a few minutes of useful breathing exercises.

$20/ 45 mins

max 4 per class 

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes are available by request. The classes are one on one classes to ensure safety and allow us to continually make modifications so you can continue to move throughout your pregnancy.

$80 / 60m

$70 / 45m

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