I started Pilates several months ago as I was interested in the positive effects on my core strength and health benefits. Stefanie is very good at making sure your body is prepared for the exercises and values the general well-being. Stephanie is able to clearly communicate the required exercises with the client, relevant to their skill level. Stefanie has a very approachable style, is not intimidating and is clearly very experienced in her craft. I always leave the session feeling revitalised and energised. I wouldn’t miss my weekly session for anything.
                      ⁃ Martin P -

I have been going to mat classes at Beyond Pilates since June and I look forward to this class every week. There is a mixture of people and we work to different levels based on our abilities and how much we want to challenge ourselves.

Stefanie is a wonderful teacher I find her tactile approach very helpful as it allows me to have a better understanding of how I hold my body and how it should be. Stefanie is happy to answer any questions ensuring you get the best out of the class I always feel great when I walk out of the class, Pilates is very relaxing for the body and the mind while still being challenging.

Why Pilates and why do I take classes with Stefanie and not somewhere else?

I like the mixture of ages in Stefanie’s classes and how she shows us how to adapt the exercises to suit our different levels. She is great at showing us how to move our body to get the maximum benefit out of the exercise. She helps us work with our injuries to ensure we are not doing further damage but are still able to get results.

Her classes are professional but fun; she has a gentle teaching manner but still ensures we understand what is required of us. I like the fact Stefanie is trained to teach Pilates as I have noticed many Pilates teachers have not reached this level. She is also a professional dancer so is very aware of how the body needs to move.

I find Pilates helps counteract the hours I spend behind a computer. I enjoy the gym and I find Pilates can give me the same feeling but makes me concentrate on areas I tend to deliberately miss in the gym. I love the way I feel taller and straighter when I walk out of Stefanie’s Pilates class.

Four months of Pilates with Stef has helped my lower back and hip pain.

We always have a few laughs and the hour long class whizzes by. Stef is a professional teacher, giving good instruction and gently corrects you when you’re not doing the exercise right.

Good to have options (easy to harder) for certain exercises to meet every ones capabilities.

21 Ridge Road
Auckland 0630

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